Scalable solutions that match the capabilities of big industry players.


Connecting possibility.

We exist to connect Australian sites, communities and businesses to the Earth’s valuable resources through piping infrastructure.

Asia Pacific Piping Systems entered the market with a bang as a pioneering company with big dreams. Years later we are still the same comparatively small company chasing our big dreams, but you better bet we have harnessed everything we’ve learned along the way to evolve into something even greater.

From the outset we’ve been commanding attention by executing what the big players can deliver with a smaller, more dynamic team. Despite pandemic setbacks, we’ve proven that we can fill the gap in the market when it comes to capability and delivery. How? By successfully servicing multiple top end piping clients alongside smaller players around Australia and into PNG.


To us, piping is all about connections.

We’re here for the long haul and see ourselves as the trusted leader for piping in Australia for many years to come.

We’re on a mission to create strategic partnerships across multiple industries by offering cutting-edge tools and world class talent that exceed the delivery expectations of our clients. We’re at our best when we are forging relationships with clients that mimic family values—connections that are built on trust, respect and personal ownership. When you partner with Asia Pacific Piping Systems, you partner with a company that naturally flexes, scales and adapts to meet the unique needs of its clients. A company that can do everything the big dogs can but with a more personalised, family-minded approach.


Here’s what we stand for.



We forge relationships with clients and within our team that mimic family values.

Our connections are built on trust, respect and personal ownership. Our team is like family, and we are here to support each other through times of growth and times of challenge. We approach every relationship with longevity in mind, fostering a positive, productive culture that takes pride in everything we do.



We continue to break new ground every step of the way.

We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of good practice and that there is always room to improve. Just because something is always done one way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. We’re not interested in sticking to convention, instead we will methodically cross boundaries to unearth new territories that represent true value for our clients.



We do what we say and say what we do.

We value reliability—doing what you say you’re going to and doing it damn well. But beyond this, we recognise that integrity begins at a personal level. It’s how we show up to work with one another, our clients and how we live our lives. It means we follow through, don’t make promises we can’t keep and stay aligned to our values.

Meet the team

Photo of Paul Desler

Paul Desler

Site supervisor

Photo of Josh Ballinger

Josh Ballinger

National Projects Manager

Photo of Mitch Marshall

Mitch Marshall

Operations Manager

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