Breaking new ground in water & gas piping.

Connecting sites, communities and businesses to the Earth’s valuable resources.

Why choose us

We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of good practice.

We offer the same capabilities and execution delivery as our bigger competitors with a more personalised, family-minded approach.

Piping installation

Piping installation

Our skilled team have the experience and expertise to complete piping system installation solutions for any project, big or small, simple or complex. Whether you need galvanised pipework, concreting or earthworks, we can get it done.



With extensive experience in the mining sector, we cater our services to suit the needs of different mining projects of various sizes and complexities. Our team can assist with everything from initial site surveying to dewatering and anything in between.

Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

Our CSG capabilities are diverse across a multitude of industries. We provide services including pipeline looping, squeeze offs and emergency response as well as specialised gas piping engineering, consulting and much more.



Our water services are an end-to-end service that encompass all aspects of water infrastructure and piping systems. Our team have the capabilities and safety training to ensure we can address any kind of challenge or complex needs.

Specialist installations

Specialist installations

Our key personnel have extensive experience installing HDPE pipe networks utilising the patented Fast Fusion® technology. We are approved by Fast Fusion to use these advanced techniques and our welding crews are certified by the manufacturers. 

About us

There aren’t many people who get excited about pipes, but we do.

Calculating the best approach to laying down water & gas piping infrastructure is what gets us out of bed each the morning.

Blue APPS truck in the desert

From the outset we’ve been commanding attention by executing what the big players can deliver with a smaller, more dynamic team.

Despite pandemic setbacks, we’ve proven that we can fill the gap in the market when it comes to capability and delivery. How? By successfully servicing multiple top end clients alongside smaller players around Australia and into PNG.

We know we’re only as good as our last project, so we put everything we’ve got into every single job. Every. Single. Time. We’re on a mission to create strategic partnerships across multiple industries by offering cutting-edge tools and world class talent that exceed the delivery expectations of our clients.

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I have worked with James and the Asia Pacific piping systems team across the domestic water and sewer infrastructure industry on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. They have provided us time and time again with a reliable and quality service. Their knowledge and professionalism is impressive and their genuine approach to the vast array of they services they can provide has cemented them as a business I can always rely on.

Joshua MooreComdain

APPS are a professional, organised contractor that have over the past year provided quality subcontractor services to Monadelphous on a range of projects. They have worked well with our team, offering expertise from initial schedule and methodology development through to execution and commissioning. APPS have been key in helping to delivering successful, safe outcomes for Monadelphous and our clients.

Rafferty FoxM&IS Mining and Minerals

I personally have known James Jenkinson since 2011 when he helped implement the Fast Fusion® Technologies into the QGC LNG play in Queensland, Australia. He helped train and manage the largest fleet of Fast Fusion machines in the world and controlled all of the quality of HDPE fusion. We as a company are very supportive of James and his leadership of ASIA Pacific Piping Systems in his knowledge of fusion and the use of the Fast Fusion technologies.

Richard McKinleyPrincipal - Fast Fusion

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